Pullman Loaf

The pullman loaf, sometimes called the “sandwich loaf” or “pan bread”, is a type of bread made with white flour and baked in a long, narrow, lidded pan. The French term for this style of loaf is pain de mie. In the United States, many popular mass-produced sliced breads are actually pullman loaves; the slice of such breads are frequently square, with four flat (uncurved) crusts.

The name “Pullman” was derived from its use in the compact kitchens of the Pullman railway cars. The Pullman Company is credited with inventing the lidded baking pans used to create the square loaves. Three Pullman loaves occupied the same space as two standard round-topped loaves, thus maximizing the use of space in the Pullman kitchen.

The goal was to fit our dough into this pan and make sure it did not over proof because of the high quantity of yeast present.


Check out this big growing pile of dough.


Into the pan and then the oven.



These baked for a while, but this is the end result.





They turned out perfectly. Nice and golden, even sized with great lines. I’m impressed. =)


2 thoughts on “Pullman Loaf

    • Sweet Spell Baking Chick says:

      Thank you. Believe me when I tell you that I am pleasantly surprised they turned out so well. I’m starting to get the hang of this.

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