Cookie Grams for Charity – Daily Bread Food Bank

If you remember last year, I participated in my work charity drive by baking cookie grams. Well, it’s charity season again, and I lent my baking skills to help raise funds for this year’s charity Daily Bread Food Bank.

Daily Bread Food Bank is a non-profit, charitable organization that is fighting to end hunger in our communities. Every year thousands of people across Toronto rely on food banks. Daily Bread serves these people through neighbourhood food banks and meal programs in over 170 member agencies. A worthwhile charity and one I am not a stranger to. In high school, I spent some volunteer hours there helping to pack food. The charity has come a long way from their old space but could definitely use all the help they can get. If you would like to donate, please go here.

For this year, I agreed to dress up as a chicken, if at least 75 cookies could be sold. My workmates stepped up the plate and bought 193 cookies. Insane!

Cookies being baked and cooled. White chocolate macadamia and s’mores cookies. Containers getting filled up.



Everyone’s cookie gram messages organized and waiting to be attached to a cookie.



I had some help bagging and tagging. Thank you!!!
Cookie mountain.


No more cookies for awhile I think…=)


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