Winter Wedding & A Burn (again)

November 30th brought with it cold weather, snow and the long-awaited wedding of my friends N & T.  It was a small and intimate affair.  Very much a night for close family and friends.  I was delighted to be a part of this night.

My Little Black Dress

photo 1-14

Table Top

photo 5-5

A spicy chicken main course.  Tastefully prepared, neatly plated

photo 2-14

Who gets a burn at a wedding?  I do.  One of the little wedding guests dropped a votive glass candle holder on the floor.  In an attempt to be helpful, brilliant me decides to pick it up.  Note to self, don’t touch a candle holder that seconds earlier had been lit up.  One word…HOT.  I have burn blisters to remind me.  Sigh.

photo 4-6

Dessert always makes things better.  A mix of homemade treats by some of the bride’s friends.  Cheesecake, puff pastry with a cheese filling, Portuguese cookie concoction, mini cupcakes and of course wedding cake – chocolate hazelnut.  One of the better wedding cakes I have ever had.  Delicious!!

photo 3-12

A lovely night.  Makes you believe in love, if even only for a few hours.

photo-5 2

Congrats N & T!!  =)


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