One of a Kind Show

The One of a Kind Show is currently my new happy place. An event that brings together hundreds of artisans with retail buyers, it is a shopping haven for unique and creative items.  This was my first time attending this show and I am so glad I finally made my way to it.  I was amazed at all the wonderful crafts and in awe of the creative talents of all the artisans.  One-Of-A-Kind-Show-2012

-The show has been in progress since 1975 and is currently in its 38th year
-It is the largest consumer craft show in North America
-Over 5 million people have shopped at the show since its inception
-Everything sold at the show is made by hand in North America by Canadian and/or American artisans
-The Christmas Show features handmade designs by over 800 artists, makers, designers and craftspeople, while the Spring event showcases over 450 artisans working in various mediums like glass, ceramics, textile, and wood

One could not help but begin to feel the Christmas spirit when met by this tall tree.

photo 1-15

There was so much to look at.  It took us nearly 4 hours to get through all the displays and near the end we had to rush a bit just to make sure we saw everything. No wonder they offer a free 2nd visit.  Definitely needed in order to fully see everything.On my walk around I came across delicate, hand-made jewellery, cute onesies and bibs for baby, bright artwork canvasses, funky clothing and amazing hats for winter and of course tantalizing foodstuffs. I wasn’t too focused on looking at any crafts, not really my cup of tea.  But I did come across a couple of booths that really caught my eye.

Hug and Kiss Designs – A BC based company that makes cards, calendars, magnets and clothing with some tongue in cheek humour.  Heed the warning, but hopefully you laugh.  I did.  So much so, I walked away with a calendar.


I think I have mentioned in the past that cows are my favourite animals.  Well, I absolutely fell in love with the art of one Toronto based artist named Ada Chan.  What is not to love about art featuring a little cow named DD? Click the pic to check out her blog featuring all her pieces!



Now, onto yummy stuff.  Edible art of sorts.  There were many types of food related booths at the show.  Gourmet sauces, dips, candies, chocolates and even lobster spread.  I did partake in some samples.

photo 2-22

photo 1-22

photo 3-18

photo 2-21

photo 1-21

My first food related purchase  –  Monkey Butter!  All natural peanut butter.  Gluten free, no preservatives, low sodium, no sugar.

photo 1-16

I went with the 6 piece taster pack. Mini peanut butter in the following flavours – Maple Bacon, White Chocolate Pretzel, Salted Caramel, White Chocolate Raspberry, Dark Chocolate Cherry & Dark Chocolate Banana.  I love mini, I love peanut butter, I love trying different flavours.

photo 2-16

photo 3-14photo 5-6photo 4-8

I’m sure many of you are probably thinking these are some strange flavours.  But trust me when I tell you, they are all DELICIOUS!! I spread some on raisin bread toast.  The peanut butter remains the dominant flavour in all, the fruit and bacon and chocolate flavours are just slight accents.  Again, DELICIOUS!!!

photo 3-15

I picked up some Maple Orange Garlic Sauce from the Garlic Box, an Ontario company.  A sweet beginning, great garlic ending.  It will make for a great marinade on some salmon I have. Can’t wait.

photo 4-10

photo 5-8

Still revelling in garlic, I picked up “The most incredible garlic spread”.  I’m not sure who deemed it the most incredible, but it is rather tasty.  This garlic spread could be used anywhere you would normally use butter or  margarine.  It is soy based, vegetarian, cholesterol free, salt free, gluten-free, lactose free, no MSG and sugar-free.  We sampled some on bread – garlic bread.  At home, I boiled some pasta and added a dollop of the spread to make a pasta sauce.  It was savoury.  Delightful.  Enjoyable.

photo 2-19

photo 3-16

photo 4-9


photo 1-20

photo 2-20

Last food purchase of the night.  Soft Nougat with candied orange and nuts courtesy of La Nougaterie Quebec.  A present for my mom who is a fan of nougat.  I’ll sneak a bite when she opens it up.

photo 1-18

photo 2-18

How refreshing to see different products not normally seen in the local shopping mall.  Beautiful artwork, unique crafts and clothing and most importantly, delectable eats that make you wish you could find them in the nearest grocery store.  I am excitedly looking forward to the spring show! =)


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