Black Bean Burgers

Lately, I’ve been on a black bean kick . I’ve had some tasty dishes lately that have included black beans and I thought I would make another tonight.

Black bean burgers were my choice.  Vegetarian and so simple to make.

A handful of ingredients needed: Green pepper, Onion and garlic.  One could also use tomatoes.


A can of black beans. Rinsed and drained.


I mashed up the black beans by hand until it resembled a paste, but some whole beans still existed.  I think that next time I will just use the magic bullet to get it done.


A cracked an egg and added chilli powder and cumin.  I really like anything that involves cumin.  The pungent smell and nutty, smoky, peppery flavour is fantastic.



I made my own bread crumbs using some rye bread I had on hand.  I am not a fan of store-bought bread crumbs.  One, because they always seem stale to me when I buy them and two, I can never use all the bread crumbs and they go to waste anyways.


I had minced the green pepper, garlic and onion and then added it to the black bean paste.


Then, I added the egg and spice mixture and then the bread crumbs.  I know, doesn’t look all that appetizing, but trust me, it gets better.


Once everything was mixed together, I shaped the mixture into patties and laid them on a baking sheet.  These could be cooked on a grill, but I don’t have one, so baking was the way for me.


20 minutes of baking, and I had black bean burgers.




I loved the little specks of green pepper that peeked through.  The onion and garlic gave some good aroma and the spices added some punch to the patties.  These could be eaten like a meat burger.  In a bun, with all the fixin’s.  I, on the other hand am keeping it pure veggie time for lunch tomorrow.  A pattie and some mixed veggies is what I have to look forward to.  =)


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