Three C’s – Chicken, Cauliflower & Carrots

Since Friday, I have been in the mood to cook up something but nothing in particular came to mind as to what to make.  As I made my way home that night, I felt a hankering for meatloaf.  I was all set to walk across the street to place an order at the restaurant there, but thought to myself, I can make meatloaf myself.  I was also challenging myself to not buy take out for an entire work week.  So instead, I stopped off at the grocery store and picked up some lean ground chicken, a few spices and some cauliflower.

So what was my mind cooking up?  A chicken meatloaf, mashed cauliflower and glazed carrots.

The veggie preparation was the easiest.  Cauliflower has been my vegetable of choice lately and I wanted to make mashed cauliflower.

I took my head of cauliflower, broke it up into smaller pieces and boiled just until it got soft, about 20 minutes.  I drained it well, added a little soy milk to, some garlic salt, a tablespoon of soy garlic spread instead of butter and mashed up the cauliflower.  Voila mashed cauliflower.




Carrots were next.  I had the usual orange carrots but also white carrot and purple carrot.  The purple carrot looked great with its contrasting orange middle.  After peeling the carrots, brushing with some olive oil and salt and pepper,  I wrapped them en papillote and then baked them for about 45 minutes.





For my chicken meatloaf, I was winging it a bit.  I had a pound of lean ground chicken.  To this I had some garlic salt, rosemary, red pepper flakes, chopped garlic, chopped onion, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and an egg.  After mixing it all together well, the meat went into a meatloaf pan and spent an hour in the oven to bake.





Lunch for tomorrow is complete!



The meatloaf was flavourful, it had a little kick from the red pepper flakes and Worcestershire sauce.  I am loving anything cauliflower so I absolutely am all over the mashed cauliflower.  I could have eaten the whole bowl by myself for dinner, but I restrained myself.  Lastly, the carrots, not only beautifully bright in colour, so tender and sweet in taste.  Exactly what I had been craving in my head. Nothing fancy, but all by my hand.  And, I went six days without buying any take out meals.  Makes me feel pretty good. =)




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