Molten Lava Chocolate Cake

I’m not sure what has been going on with me lately, but my sweet tooth has been working overtime and craving chocolate mostly.  Last weekend, I had a little molten lava cake from Domino’s (this is what happens when you’re waiting for a pizza to be made, somehow other items from the menu end up being ordered), it was deep in chocolate flavour, very small and well…just ok.  I spent the week hurting for some more molten lava cake, but of course, why would I buy it, when I could try making it myself.  Here was my attempt.

The main ingredients…chocolate and butter.  The chocolate is melted in a double boiler and then the butter added to the warm chocolate to be melted itself.  IMG_2633 IMG_2634 IMG_2636 IMG_2637

Using the mixer, I beat sugar and 2 eggs until they become light and fluffy.  IMG_2635 IMG_2638 IMG_2639

Now to combine the chocolate and the egg mixture.  With the chocolate still being warm, it is important to temper the egg mixture with a little bit of  the chocolate mixture.  To add all the chocolate in at once might cook the egg, so tempering avoids this from potentially happening.  After all the chocolate is added, flour is then mixed in to finish off the batter.  IMG_2640 IMG_2641 IMG_2642 IMG_2643


Most people use ramekins for molten lava cakes.  Every time I go to a store that sells kitchen stuff, I always say to myself “pick up some ramekins” but then I don’t end up buying them because I never think I will use them.  Well, I could have used them today, but I made do.  Muffin tins would have to do the trick today.  IMG_2644


There is no need to bake these for too long, to do so would prevent the molten lava middle from happening.  I only baked these for about 12 minutes.  I don’t like a super runny middle, I like more of a pudding consistency.

Right out of the oven, see the middles?  I let them sit to cool and suddenly you can’t tell the middle is a bit unbaked…

IMG_2647 IMG_2651 IMG_2652


…And then you cut into one and the chocolate oozes out.  So full of chocolate flavour, not sweet at all.  The middle was exactly how I like it.  I already have visions of how I will make this recipe again and change it.  I see trying different chocolate and adding fruit or coffee flavour, maybe some dulce de leche…oh my mind is spinning.  I love this little cake!! =)


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