This One is for the Doggies

This is Bruno. photo 1-23

His hobbies include sleeping, eating, chasing birds, barking at everything, stealing slippers, humping legs and sniffing poop. He likes dog treats. He eats many dog treats. He must be bribed with dog treats in order to get out the door. He is a bit chubby because of these dog treats.

I decided to make him some dog treats. He may like them, he may not. He is a very picky eater.

Ingredients are: mashed banana, peanut butter, apple sauce, oats, whole wheat flour, 3-19 photo 4-11

All ingredients are combined. I then flatten the dough in order to begin cutting out dog bone shapes. Big and little. photo 5-9

photo 1-24

photo 3-20 photo 2-24

These are then baked for 20 minutes. Then taken out to cool. photo 5-10 photo 4-12


Here’s hoping he eats them. =)

photo 2-23

Update – if you would like to know if he liked them click here


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