Peppers of the Stuffed Variety

I made stuffed peppers! To me, this seems like one of those dishes that you can use any combination of meat, carb, vegetable and not go wrong.

Here are my ingredients. Aren’t the colours amazing!?

20130106-204030.jpg Peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, red onion and baby kale.

20130106-204149.jpg Orzo and black beans.

I prepped my vegetables.




20130106-204602.jpg Even the tops of the peppers end up in the mix.

I cooked the orzo in boiling vegetable broth.



Now to start making the stuffing. First I sautéed the red onion.


When the onions had softened, I added some ground turkey.

Next in were the black beans.


Then the vegetables. To this I added hot chilli powder, cumin, garlic salt, brown sugar and some of the vegetable broth from the orzo pot.


The orzo and kale went in last. I let the kale cook off the residual heat while I stirred the stuffing.



All mixed up and ready for the peppers.


Now, I filled up the peppers.



I wrapped the peppers in foil and baked them for about 40 minutes.


After 40 minutes, the peppers were ready.



The peppers had softened a little but stayed sturdy enough to contain the stuffing. I could smell the fragrant cumin. When I tasted the stuffing, I got a kick from the chilli powder but I could taste the vegetable broth soaked orzo. The veggies still had some bite to them and the black beans were tastefully soft. I was excited to make this dish. Not only does it taste good, it is healthy, easy to make and well, I just think all the bright colours of the vegetables make it a pretty dish to look at. Yum, can’t wait for lunch tomorrow! =)


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