Weird Times, Weird Muffins

It’s funny what prompts me to bake. Usually it’s because I crave something. Many times it is to lift my mood, kill stress and bring me back to sanity. Sometimes I just see something and wonder…hmmm…can that be baked into something? Let’s try!

Felt slightly off kilter the last few days, looked over, saw an avocado and wondered…hmmm…can I bake that? Let’s try!

So it begins quite ordinarily. Whole wheat flour, cocoa, baking soda, baking powder, salt.


Then the wet stuff. Avocado, chocolate almond milk, maple syrup, honey, oil and vanilla.


So let me let you in on some things:
1. I did not purée my avocado. Probably should have, but well, I just refused to take out the blender, so I whipped the avocado and did some manual mashing with a spatula. So yes, you will see little flecks of green.
2. I did not have plain or vanilla soy or almond milk, so I used chocolate almond milk.
3. I did not have a full cup of maple syrup, so I used half maple syrup, half honey. If I had used all maple syrup, this would be fully vegan I believe.

Next, I poured the wet mixture into the dry and began to mix by hand. And I mixed and mixed some more. Seemed to take forever!



I added some chocolate chips and then into the muffin tin. A little haphazardly, but no batter went wasted.


25 minutes later.




So, the verdict. Interesting. Big chocolate taste but not sweet. Moist. Cakey texture, but slightly fudgey in parts, especially of there’s a pocket of chocolate chips. I did not see too many flecks of avocado green, but I do taste it slightly. Again, depends on the bite taken. No sugar, no butter, no eggs. Again, use maple syrup and vegan chocolate chips and you have a vegan friendly dessert. And now I know, you can bake with avocados. =)


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