Quinoa Banana Muffins

Tonight’s experiment – quinoa banana muffins. Outside of class, I haven’t baked anything on my own lately. I laugh because peeps at work are wondering where the baked treats are. Well, tomorrow some of them will be able to sample these muffins.

Of course the main ingredient is quinoa. The rest is pretty basic – whole wheat flour, baking powder, salt, an egg, rice milk, sunflower oil and of course a banana. I was going through my baking cupboard and came across some vanilla sugar that I received from Beanilla. Vanilla sugar is made of organic cane sugar and vanilla bean from Tahiti and Papua New Guinea. I thought it would add some nice flavour to the recipe.





I was surprised about how heavy these muffins were – all that quinoa. A different take on the simple banana muffin. I found them just sweet enough with a nutty banana undertone, hints of vanilla and a chewy texture. Ingredient substitutions include brown sugar, applesauce and berries. This would make a great breakfast snack on the run. Peeps at the office seemed to like them. =)


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