Cakes II – Week 3 – Gateau St. Honore

Gateau St. Honore is a classic French torte named after St.Honore, the patron saint of bakers and pastry chefs. Its base is made of puff pastry and it is accented with pastry cream, whipped cream and profiteroles.

An elaborate cake, the work is in the puff pastry but let me tell you when I say it is so worth it!

Some of the Ingredients you would need to make this dessert. This is not a dessert for those watching their calories.


Pastry Cream. The custardy goodness that is layered on the puff pastry and squeezed into the profiteroles. Homo milk, cream, cornstarch, sugar and eggs flavoured with a vanilla bean.


Puff Pastry. The layers of the cake. Light flakey, buttery. Involves rolling and folding the dough several times to get the puff pastry texture. This an example of blitz pastry. No resting time in between. Generally, you could spend hours just making puff pastry dough.


Choux paste for profiteroles. Starts out as roux and then eggs are mixed in one by one until a creamy batter is achieved. Once they bake, you have a light pastry that can be filled with the pastry cream or a jelly. Served alone as little desserts or added as an accent to something else.


Time to assemble the cake. In most cases, a Gateau St. Honore is a single layer of puff pastry, our modernized version has a three layers and is accented with strawberries. Almost strawberry shortcake like…but better I think.











A very light dessert full of different textures. The light flakey buttery puff pastry with creamy vanilla pastry cream layered on top with slightly tart bright red strawberries. The cream filled profiteroles are cute on top. They could be covered in chocolate and sprinkled with icing sugar too.

By far my favourite creation to date. =)


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