Winterlicious 2013 – La Petite France

Second Winterlicious seating was at La Petite France in Etobicoke.  A quaint establishment that focuses on French cuisine with a modern twist.

What a different food experience from the one I had at Grappa.  The wait staff varied in how they interacted with us.  One was very friendly while the other was abrupt and dismissing.  It was evident that we were being rushed even though there was not a great line up of people wanting to dine and the restaurant was not full as the night wore on.  In any case, i did not get the welcoming, relaxed feel that I had at Grappa.

I do enjoy my red wines.  No Malbec here so I went with the Baron Philippe De Rothschild Mapu Merlot from Chile.  photo 1-31

Appetizer was the crab cake with spicy sauce.  I don’t mind a little kick, but this spicy sauce was a punch to face.  It was too much and took away from the crab cake.  The one lonely little crab cake that I will admit had some nice chunks of crab in 3-27

The chosen main course was Navarin D’Agneau – lamb & vegetable ragout served with rice & vegetables.  The lamb was a little fatty and lost in the plate of mostly peas.  The tablespoon of rice was soaked in sauce and barely recognizable. Flavour was nice however, tomato based sauce, seasoned nicely.  I just wished there had not been so many peas.  The server actually made a comment about how I left so many peas on the plate.  It was too much.  photo 4-17

Dessert fared better.  Selected the lemon tart.  Custardy texture, not too tart, not sugary sweet.  The crust was not a pastry crust, but was light.  It actually reminded me of the brown crust that can be found on white bread.  It was different, but worked with the lemon custard.

photo 5-13

I think I have to give round one to Grappa.  That’s what Winterlicious is all about.  You love some, others, not so much…now I know! =)

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