Cakes II – Week 4 – Tangy Berry Torte

Check out what I made in class – yellow sponge cake, fruits and whipped cream – a tangy berry torte.

20130202-211043.jpg Vibrant fruit colours



20130202-211424.jpg Buttermilk sponge cake.

20130202-211512.jpg Assembly time. Using a ring lined with clear acetate, it starts with a layer of sponge, some fruit, whipped cream and repeat.



20130202-211807.jpg At this point, the cake goes into the blast chiller to set before the final round of decoration. Once set, the ring is lifted off the cake, leaving only the clear acetate which holds everything in place for now.


20130202-212152.jpg Fruit top, pre-apricot glaze.

20130202-212418.jpg Fruit top, post apricot glaze.

20130203-113753.jpg Unwrapped, some fruit poking through.

20130203-113844.jpg Sliced up, check out the layers!

The sponge cake was light and sweet and accentuated with lemon zest. The whipped cream had the addition of sour cream, giving it a slightly tart taste and mixed with the fruit, that creates a lovely combo. =)


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