Super Bowl Puff Pastry

Annual Super Bowl shindig at my friend’s place. I’m looking forward to some unwinding time, some eating, some drinking and of course some cheering – GO 49ers!!

For snacks, I am bringing some puff pastry treats.

First up – puff pastry cheesecake with strawberry sauce.

So first, the puff pastry was rolled out thinly and cut into squares.

I thought about using muffin tins, but I was thinking about cleanup after and I decided to use mini tart cups instead. I placed a square of dough in each, and moulded it to the tin. Ready to be filled.


Now to make my cheesecake filling. Mixing, mixing, mixing.



I then dropped some cheesecake batter into the puff pastry and into the oven they went.




20130203-120316.jpg Golden, flaky pastry with sweet cheesecake middles.


20130203-120405.jpg Once cooled, a dollop of strawberry sauce on top to add some tartness and colour. There you have it, another way to eat cheesecake.

Next up, puff pastry with Brie cheese and cranberry sauce.



20130203-120542.jpg The Brie cheese was sliced up into cubes and dropped into the middle of the tart, some cranberry sauce on top. Then they were also put into the oven until crispy.




I love the puff pastry layers and the buttery taste. I am so happy that I was able to use up all the leftover puff pastry dough I had from class. I really enjoyed making these and I hope the little treats go over well tonight. GO 49ers!!!! =)


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