Cakes II – Week 5 – Mango Mousse Cake

It was a pretty Saturday morning. The day after Snowmageddon 2013. My commute to class was slightly taxing this day, but I had a mango mousse cake to bake! Nothing was stopping me.

This cake has three components – the sponge cake, the mango mouse and the mango glaze.

Chef showed us a way to decorate our sponge cake by piping some chocolate sponge on the baking tray and laying the sponge batter over and then baking. You will see how it turned out in a bit.

The sponge is made with eggs, sugar and vanilla which is whipped until foamy and thick. Bread flour is then folded in by hand. The batter is poured and spread onto a baking sheet on top of the chocolate swiggles and put into the oven.


Once out of the oven, sugar is sprinkled on top, parchment is placed on top and then some more baking pans. This is done to flatten out the sponge sheet and hopefully even it out.



When you lift the sponge, you see the chocolate that should be baked in. I’ll just tell you know, our chocolate design did not adhere to the sponge as it should, so the cake is slightly less pretty as expected.


The cake layers are cut and layered.




Next, the mango mousse is made. Cream is whipped. Egg yolks, sugar, mango purée and gelatin is heated. Then the two are combined.





The mousse is poured on top of the sponge. And a small layer of sponge added to the middle. More mousse on top. Then into the blast chiller to set.



While it chills, the mango glaze is made. Mango purée, sugar, water and gelatin is heated until shiny and the gelatin is melted. It is poured on top and then chilled to set again.


20130209-234523.jpg The cake removed from the cake ring. Just a tiny bit of chocolate set. Now time to garnish with some fruit.





Had enough to make some minis. I love mini versions! =)


5 thoughts on “Cakes II – Week 5 – Mango Mousse Cake

    • I’m sorry, I’m not one to reproduce recipes on my blog. I am not a recipe creator nor do I want to re-type recipes that can be easily found online. There is an amazing selection of recipes online that we all can use and tweak with our own individual touch.
      My goal is to only show a process and share my experiences in baking and cooking.
      I thank you for reading and hope you continue to visit my blog.

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