Hungarian Goulash

Some Sunday cooking today. After taking stock of my cupboards and fridge, I decided to make Hugarian Goulash. I love when I can just throw a meal or two together quickly and use up items in my kitchen.

I took some stewing beef that I had boiled for an hour until tender. To this I added onions, red bell peppers, garlic and lots of paprika. Paprika is the mildest member of the capsicum pepper family. it is ideally used in hungarian cooking, it works well with eggs, cauliflower, fish, meats and soups. I let it sit for a minute. 20130210-113428.jpg




I then added some beef stock, a can of whole tomatoes and tomato paste. Seasoned with some Italian spices and a little brown sugar. I let it simmer a bit longer.



Meanwhile, I boiled some orzo pasta as my side.



A little more paprika on the orzo. That bright colour is great to see. Can’t wait to dig in. =)


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