Frescos Fish & Free Films

I love food and entertainment deals. I am a happy buyer of deals on Groupon or Buytopia or Amex Front of the line. Last evening was entirely a Buytopia/Amex event.

Buytopia offered a deal for fish and chips at Frescos, a fish and chips place located in Kensington Market. A friend and I are big on fish and chips and jumped on this chance to try out a new hangout on the cheap. What a great way to test out an unknown eatery with no guilt. If the food is sub par, it’s not a big loss. If the food is great, the deal is worth it and the place will be visited again.

Frescos is a place with a social and environmental conscience. Their goal is to serve the best food, that is good for you and good for the environment. They choose the best quality ingredients – hand selected potatoes, high quality healthy cooking oils, vegan options and fresh, sustainable fish. They use Ocean Wise sustainable seafood products and some of their fish is certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council. But would the food measure up?

photo 2-36

photo 1-37

2 orders of Haddock and Chips. Chips substituted with sweet potato fries. Comes with tartar sauce, spicy dip for the sweets pots and coleslaw. Each order is served with 2 decent sized portions of lightly battered haddock. I dislike fish that gets lost in batter – I asked for fish and chips, not batter and chips! Just a nice crispy coating. Spritzed with some lemon and eaten with the tartar sauce. Flakey fish, good fresh flavour. The spicy dip was perfect with the sweet pots, some regular fries thrown in. The coleslaw was refreshing, a nice palate cleanser.
photo 2-37

photo 3-33

photo 4-21

photo 5-17

photo 1-36 Two satisfied tummies in the end.

Full of fish, ready for our free movie! About a month ago, I purchased a movie screening package deal using the Amex Front of the Line program (I love it!!). For some reason, the package fell through and the company ended up cancelling the screening, but as an apology, gave us purchasers a Cineplex Night Out Movie Package on the house – 2 movie tickets, 2 drinks, popcorn. Identity Thief was the choice. A good one. Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy are hilarious. photo 3-32
Can’t wait for my next deal! =)


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