Breakfast Breads – Chelsea Buns

Chelsea buns were the topic in class this week. It is a sweet bun, made with raisins and nuts and then glazed.

Ingredient intense this week.


Lots of butter involved.


20130311-225401.jpg Giant dough blob.

20130311-225432.jpg Rolled flat.

20130311-225515.jpg Sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, raisins and walnuts.

20130311-225559.jpg Rolled.

20130311-225618.jpg Cut

20130311-225644.jpg Making glaze.


20130311-225739.jpg Spreading glaze.

20130311-225803.jpg Laying down buns

All baked.



First of all, can we say giant buns? It took me two days to eat one. The brown sugar and butter glaze is heart stopping good. The buns soft. The walnuts add some nice crunch. I dare say better than a cinnamon bun. =)

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