Someone made it, I ate it – Artisano

I don’t often eat out alone. I feel meals are communal activities. A chance to have a moment in common with people, to share, to enjoy, to bond together. I love having meals with people who like to share their food.

But, there is something brave and liberating about eating alone. I don’t mind eating alone, but I don’t seek it out intentionally. I ate lunch alone this day. I was off from work and took some time to wander around downtown. Of course, lunchtime hit and I was starving. For me to eat alone, I have to feel comfortable in the place I decide to patronize. Of course the food has to be good, but atmosphere plays a huge role.

I am a fan of Artisano Bakery & Cafe. I have written of this place before. Happily, one has opened downtown near King & University. Being in the area, I decided to stop in. I had a relaxed quiet lunch and read a book while I chowed down on this:

Avocado and walnut salad with spinach, arugula, bacon, Gorgonzola cheese and honey Dijon dressing. Alongside, a turkey, Brie and apple sandwich.



I think I might have to order this one more time this week. Super fresh ingredients and tasty! It isn’t so bad eating alone sometimes =)

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