Surprise Dinner!

In days gone by, I was one who couldn’t wait for her birthday. People can attest to me sending out save the date emails for birthday shindigs and counting down three months in advance. For this year, that girl disappeared. No plans, no save the date, no countdown.

Impossible that a birthday would go down with no event and I have my friends to thank for that. You definitely know who your friends are when they go out of their way to round up the troops for a surprise shindig. Some resourceful friends I have – Facebook hacking and number stealing…in any case, I was NOT expecting it and I was very happy and excited to see who showed up at The Bier Markt.

You would think I’d know something was up when I caught sight of this across the room.

20130311-222504.jpg Oblivious much?!

A beer please – sweet peachy flavour but a bit low on the alcohol content.

20130311-222710.jpg Lindemans Pecheresse.

Followed up by a lemon drop.


And some food. I had the smoked chicken flammekueches aka flatbread with Brie, mushrooms and roasted garlic.


20130311-223710.jpg I cleared that board easily.

More beer. Magic Hat #9

20130311-224033.jpg A good hot summer’s day kind of beer.

Dessert. Always dessert. Waffle with bananas and cream. Probably one of the best made waffles I’ve had. So soft and fluffy


Happy birthday to me. A heartfelt thanks to those who planned this evening and to those who showed up. I am grateful and feel special. =)


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