Someone Made It – I Ate it – Pizzeria Libretto

Finally checked out Pizzeria Libretto. Two locations, we checked out the Danforth one.

Pizzeria Libretto is a lively Toronto neighbourhood restaurant offering Real Neapolitan Pizza certified by the VPN.. In other words, their claim to fame is being able to say they make real Neapolitan pizza. I have been to Naples and I’ve had the pleasure of eating pizza while there. I remember it being fresh and made with simple ingredients. It was thin and soft and full of flavour.

I will say that I was not disappointed with the Cremini mushroom pizza ordered.



First off, our server was very nice, liked to push the upsell, but still friendly. We were impressed with how quick our food made its way to the table. They weren’t kidding about only baking the pizza for 90 seconds.

Bufala mozzarella, Gorgonzola, roasted garlic, rosemary, thyme and pecorino. I love mushrooms and lately have been obsessed with blue cheeses so, Gorgonzola was welcomed.

I really enjoyed this. It was light and not greasy like some pizzas. The sweet roasted garlic was amazing and they didn’t cheat us on the mushrooms. Great pizza.

I’m definitely going back to try the others! =)


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