Someone Made It – I Ate It – Joey

After months of wanting to eat at Joey Restaurant I finally got my chance.


Brodie, our server, was there with his great Australian accent to make sure we were happy.


I started with a glass of wine. Always Malbec. Graffigna was poured this night.

20130324-093913.jpg This is on my good list. Loved the velvety finish.

Main meal. Ahi tuna club sandwich – grilled rare, bacon, red pepper relish, arugula,
panko onion rings.


The tuna was well made, I loved the red pepper relish. Such a nice complement to the fish.

Dessert time. Probably should have skipped the sweet stuff this night, it put me over the edge. Somedays, I can’t say no.

20130324-094916.jpg Molten lava chocolate soufflé with raspberry coulis and vanilla ice cream.

Joey was super busy with a line up out the door. Cool atmosphere and decor. I’m a fan. =)






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