Sweet Potato Donut Bites

It started with a sweet potato.

I boiled the sweet potato until very soft. Once ready, the sweet potato was put into my mixing bowl along with applesauce, flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt and some pumpkin spice.



After a couple minutes, I had a super sticky batter.


I had to add some flour to dry up the batter slightly, but eventually I was able to drop some batter blobs on my parchment paper lined cookie sheets.


I baked them for about 10 minutes. Just until they had a slight crispness on the outside and the bottoms were a little brown.




These really were an experiment. I am certain my batter was too wet for what was really intended in the recipe. I made the best of it. They were soft and chewy in texture, sweet with a hint of cinnamon. Interesting. Definitely a different way to eat sweet potatoes. =)


5 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Donut Bites

  1. A great idea. My mum makes a sweet doughnut with potato gnocchi. She puts pitted plums or cherries inside. Once cooked they are rolled in a sugar mixture. Ive just made an amazing focaccia type dough with mashed potato. I”m wondering if it could work with sweet potato as well.

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