Niagara Food And Wine Expo Part I

Back from an awesome, fun weekend away with a good peep of mine. We took off to Niagara Falls to chill and check out the Niagara Food & Wine Expo.

This is a great venue to try wines, beers and spirits from all over the world alongside wines and fresh food from the local vineyards and restaurants. It was truly food and wine overload but I enjoyed every second of it.

The road trip began with a quick Wendy’s lunch. Jr. Bacon cheeseburger and an apple, pecan salad. Food is food and I love it all.

20130429-192534.jpg I know, that’s nothing extraordinary but I ate and it was delicious.

Continuing on, we finally arrived at our hotel – the Best Western Fallsview. Huge, clean, spacious rooms with queen size comfy beds and what’s so amazing…carpeted walls in the hallways. Yes, carpeted walls. A first for me. Also a first for me, being in an elevator with no “door close” button.



We hit up the outlet mall on Lundy’s Lane first. I didn’t find much but picked up my fave chocolate covered brownie and ate some Turkish coffee chocolate chip ice cream from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.


Later in the evening, we made way to the Scotiabank Convention Centre on Stanley Avenue.






I got my glass and my sampling tickets. Stay tuned to see what I sipped and savoured… =)


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