Niagara Food And Wine Expo Part II

Walking into the venue, I was not sure what to expect. There were different booths set up, line ups were forming, and we were not sure where to start. We soon discovered, it was just fun to walk up to anything random and get a sample. In no particular order, my night of food and drink….


20130505-124608.jpg Spiked pineapple juice.

20130505-125118.jpg Yep, original, I know.



20130505-130428.jpg Camel sliders. Lean meat. Interesting.

20130505-130659.jpg Chocolate!

20130505-130934.jpg Foodtrucks!!!

20130505-131433.jpg Pork tongue fritters, chili mint relish, dukkah – an Egyptian side dish made with herbs, nuts and spices. Savoury and spicy.

20130505-131922.jpg Pulled pork parfait. My fave.


20130505-132413.jpg Beer!



20130505-132635.jpg Shaved chocolate cake. Delicate.

Late night eats at The Famous. Spinach dip and focaccia.



I love me a morning breakfast buffet!


20130505-133337.jpg Fro-yo sweet treats.

20130505-133410.jpg My souvenir.

Good times. Good drinks. Good eats =)


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