Someone Made It, I Ate It – Pizzeria Libretto

Thank goodness for Advil. Still suffering from a lingering migraine, but I wasn’t missing pizza dinner at Pizzeria Libretto Ossington location. The place was packed and there was a wait.

20130601-225722.jpg White wine – Inzolia “Normano” 2011 IGT. Smooth and light. Nice with my pizza.


20130601-225907.jpg Arugula and prosciutto pizza. Check out all that green.

20130601-225939.jpg This is what’s nice about going out in a group, you get to sample everyone else’s food too.


20130601-230052.jpg Dolci. Vanilla affogato. Gelato drowned in espresso. Loved this, the awesome contrast of bitter espresso cut with the creamy sweetness of vanilla gelato. Definitely would have this again.

20130601-230318.jpg Leaving my mark on the chalkboard. =)

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