Restaurantacular – Mount Pleasant Village

Food fest time. My first time at Restaurantacular in Mount Pleasant Village. Located in Midtown Toronto between Mount Pleasant Road and Davisville, this quaint family oriented area is a great place to stroll, shop and best of all, eat!

A Peep of mine lives in this Midtown hood and I thought how perfect to go and discover the food offerings in his backyard, together. A terrific sunny afternoon was the setting. We were ready to chow down. We simply walked along and stopped when out taste buds said so.

First stop at Mogette Bistro for some sliders on fresh milk buns with burger toppings. Grilled before us, juicy and served by a pair of friendly chefs.



Didn’t make it too far before eating our second meal. Next door was Florentia which specializes in authentic Tuscan food. Opted for the lasagna with arugula pesto, but the porchetta sandwich was tempting too. The chunks of eggplant in the pasta was a nice touch.



Next up, samosas at Marigold – Indian with a twist.



20130626-215440.jpg Awesome pastry, not greasy and the tamarind chutney sauce was the perfect compliment to the slight heat of the veggie filling.

Off to Penrose Fish and Chips, around since 1950, this place must be doing something well.


20130626-215840.jpg What a perfect portion. Handcut fries and a crispy piece of fish, not lost in batter.

Getting full, but time for dessert. Flaky Tart is a sweet little bakery full of personality and great home made baked goods. Some cheesecakes please – lemon and creamsicle. Smooth, creamy and yummy!



Hot summer days call for gelato. Who am I kidding, I would eat gelato in the dead of winter too, but it was especially welcome in today’s heat. Il Gelatiere is a good spot for gelato. Display case full of flavours, made decision making hard.



20130626-220817.jpg Went with mango and banana and raspberry and lemon. Made with real fruit, we could see the fruit fibres in each spoonful. Although the banana reminded me of baby food…


Cheap eats, checking out a new neighbourhood on a great sunny summer day. Love it =)



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