Gluttony!!!! Part I

It is Canada Day long weekend here and with this comes events and hanging with my fave peeps. First up this weekend was Toronto Ribfest at Centennial Park. My hood!

20130630-190920.jpg We are stamped and ready to get some ribs.


20130630-191035.jpg Full rack of ribs from Uncle Sam’s.


20130630-191146.jpg Full rack of ribs from Horn Dawgs.

20130630-191241.jpg DEMOLISHED!!! The winner for me was Horn Dawg’s ribs. Fall off the bone and tangy sweet sauce.

Post Ribfest drinks. We polished off a bottle of Alamos Seleccion Malbec 2010. Ever elusive but well spoken of, I finally got my hands on a bottle. I am undecided. I truthfully wasn’t wowed by this, I may need to try this one again to see if it makes the permanent good list.


Late evening eats at Five Guys Burgers and Fries. A little bacon cheeseburger with tons of toppings. I couldn’t finish it and ended up having the rest for breakfast on Sunday. Amazing the next day and cold.

The eating continues. =)


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