Summerlicious – Santa Monica Trattoria

July is a big birthday month within my circle of friends. With birthdays, come get togethers and there is always food involved. What is perfect about this time of year is that Summerlicious is in full effect and we definitely took advantage.

This delightful evening we dined at Santa Monica Trattoria a quaint Italian restaurant just on the Queensway. Completely casual, our server was also the owner of the place. He was great! Friendly, efficient, he really took care of us this night.

20130713-161955.jpg Telling stories about his experience during that terrible storm.




20130713-162210.jpg Yummy, crusty bread with butter and some oil and vinegar.


20130713-162348.jpg To start, warm goat cheese with cranberry wrapped in phyllo pastry.

20130713-162435.jpg Not a strong goat cheese, very creamy and delicious when paired with the cranberry.



20130713-162705.jpg The main course. Veal chop with peppercorn sauce and mixed veggies. Grilled to medium perfection and a generous portion.


20130713-162915.jpg Nut crusted tartufo for dessert.



Support local places such as Santa Monica Trattoria. Take advantage of these awesome Summerlicous deals. I swear to you, they are so worth it. =)


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