L’arte D’arrangiarsi

From Italian, L’arte d’arrangiarsi means the art of getting by or the art of making something out of nothing.  To be able to open up the cupboards and/or the fridge and pull together something to eat with whatever ingredients are found is a skill.  I am trying to teach myself that skill.  I think I have established that I’m an ingredient hoarder so I really should not have a hard time piecing something together.

I’ve been dying to use up a jar of apple butter – a highly concentrated version of apple sauce – for ages.  And this night, I was able to make a main and a dessert incorporating this ingredient.

I’ll begin with the dessert because as I write this, the main is still in the oven and not quite ready to be unveiled.  Using just a few ingredients – all found in my cupboard – I made some apple butter oatmeal squares.


In a bowl, the oatmeal, apple blueberry granola, sugar, pumpkin spice and butter is mixed until crumbly.  image-55




Then half of the oatmeal mixture is pressed into a prepared pan and the apple butter spread on top.  The rest of the oatmeal goes over the apple butter and into the oven.




30 minutes later we have squares!image-71




The apple butter is a little tart in taste but the sugar and granola brings a nice sweet contrast.  The texture is crunchy, but the middle layer is moist and soft.  A really easy and quick treat to make. =)

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