The Beauty of Doing Nothing

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I am in a state of transition it seems. Making changes. Re-evaluating. Something I have been doing much of lately is reading. Perhaps as a means of escapism. I’m alternating between two novels right now, but find myself captivated by “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert. I’ll be honest, I’ve seen the movie a few times first. Oddly enough, it seems to be on TV at times I find myself needing some sort of spiritual and emotional pick me up. I always come out slightly enlightened after watching. The book version is usually better than the movie however, so I bought it. Now, this is not a book review, but I am 70 pages in and loving it. It’s uplifting and humorous. It’s about being human and experiencing the joys and pains of relationships and life. I can relate.

The author talks of her time spent in Italy and explains some interesting cultural references. One reference is the idea of the beauty of doing nothing or “il bel far niente”. This centers on the fact that after all the hard work we put in, the ideal goal is to have the ability to do nothing. To just enjoy and do nothing. Or maybe, just be able to enjoy doing whatever we want to do, so long as work is not involved. That’s how I interpret my version of “il bel far niente”.

This day I am off from work. Well deserved, if I dare say so. Days off come too infrequently, but are so necessary, weekends do not count. Now, I debated how I would spend my day off. Stay home and organize my closet? Sleep all day? Run errands? None of those ideas sound appealing. I was going to do whatever I wanted. And what I wanted was to wander around the city.

There were ominous clouds in the sky, but I did not let them deter me. I set my sights on checking out the Sorauren Farmers Market – – located in Sorauren Park near Dundas Street West. Not really my hood, I do pass the area often on my commutes to and from downtown. I sweet little park located in a quiet family neighbourhood. I real gem in the city.


The food tents being set up. image-80

Just some of the different foods on display and for sale. image-81


I bought one of these croissants. A cheese and herb croissant. Delish!image-84

Something for our doggie friends. Yes, my doggie got a treat bag.image-85





Purchased some green beans to go with my pork tenderloin from here. image-92

I tried a frozen fruit pop from here – honeydew apple mint. Refreshing.image-93



Another snack. A corn tortilla loaded with black beans, veggies, cheese and salsa. So tasty! Super nice guys to chat with and they sell chocolate too!image-96





More fresh veggies. I just love the colours everywhere.



The CN Tower is never too far away. I always know where I am when I see it. I love this city.

I didn’t come home with a crazy load of food. Just these:photo 2-5

and these beauties:photo 1-5

If you have a free Monday and want to spend some time supporting local farmers and food artisans, check out the Sorauren Farmers Market. image-106

It’s fun doing “nothing” =)


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