Joh vs. Food – The CNE Chronicles 2013

It’s that time of year again! The CNE is in full swing. Unofficially symbolizing the end of summer, this event gives me prime time for eating. A two day event for me, the food extravaganza began with food truck frenzy.

20130829-213542.jpg Food Truck lineups.

20130829-213736.jpg My beloved gnocchi poutine. How I dream of you always! My FAVE!!!!

20130829-213822.jpg Lamb Barbacoa from Nazca truck. Nicely seasoned.

20130829-213926.jpg Nutella bombs from Food Dudes. Amazeballs!!! Nutella and banana bread? No joke! Delish!

20130829-214023.jpg Did you say fro-yo? I’m down!


20130829-214129.jpg Asian tacos from Far East Taco. This one is a fish taco.

20130829-214219.jpg This one is Bulgogi. This one will be a yearly item from now on. So good!

20130829-214359.jpg Waffle ice cream!


20130829-214524.jpg Corned beef sandwich. Simple, but yummy.

20130829-214621.jpg Beaver tail!


20130829-214747.jpg Crunchy clams!

20130829-214829.jpg Hanging in the beer garden.

20130829-214856.jpg Introduced to a new beer – Granville Island pale ale. So smooth. Refreshing.

20130829-215016.jpg It wasn’t all about food. Check out this years sand sculptures. My fave was the one titled watching time. Something haunting about it.

20130829-215134.jpg Tight rope walkers and my beacon, the CN Tower.


20130829-215321.jpg Perogies and a cabbage roll, always on the food list.

20130829-215432.jpg A Nutella place!!! Hello heaven!


20130829-215527.jpg This is The Bananza – Fried banana, Nutella, peanut butter, marshmallows, strawberries and jam. Why did I never think to make this!!!??? Drool.


Another year done. Until the next food feast. Can’t wait to see what yummy creations appear in 2014. =)


6 thoughts on “Joh vs. Food – The CNE Chronicles 2013

  1. Everything looks delicious! I spent so much time in the Food Building at CNE and completely missed out on the food trucks. I really want to try those Nutella Bombs from The Food Guys! 😀

    • The food trucks come out one weekend during the run of the CNE. This is the 2nd year of having them there. I think it’s a great addition to CNE festivities.
      Definitely try the Nutella bombs if you see that truck somewhere. Worth it!
      Thanks for reading! =)

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