Pastry Class – Chocolate Tarts

This class, we made some decadent chocolate tarts – a chocolate mouse tart and a bittersweet chocolate truffle flan.   I forgot my phone this day, so no step by step shots but I hope these few after shots do enough to capture how delicious these two pastries were.

This is the chocolate mousse tart, strawberry accents.

The crust was similar to a cookie dough and was made with butter, sugar, eggs, flour, and cocoa.  We pressed the dough into a tart pan and baked it using foil and beans to weigh it down and keep it from bubbling.

The mousse was made with bittersweet chocolate, simple syrup, gelatin and whipped cream. The mousse was then spooned into the cooled crust and the strawberries added on top.  The tart was then chilled to allow the mousse to firm up.

IMG_6006 IMG_6007 IMG_6008 IMG_6017

This is the bittersweet chocolate truffle flan.

The crust was the same recipe used in the mousse tart.  The filling was the easiest recipe involving only two ingredients – whipping cream and bittersweet chocolate.

We made a ganache but simply heating the whipping cream until slightly boiled and then pouring over the chocolate which had been broken down in to smaller pieces.  No stirring for a few minutes to allow the chocolate to be heated by the cream and melt.

Before pouring in the ganache, I poured a layer of melted chocolate on the bottom of the chocolate tart shell and some raspberries.  A nice little surprise that is seen once the tart is sliced.

IMG_6009 IMG_6010 IMG_6018

I brought both of these pastries to work for a surprise baby shower we held for a co-worker of ours.  Everyone was in a chocolate coma by the end of the afternoon.  =)


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