A Smurfin’ Good Time

A friend of mine held a Smurf themed birthday party to celebrate her daughter’s first birthday.  I was pleased that she asked me to bake some cupcakes in the spirit of Smurfs.  I pondered how I would decorate and in discussing with her, came up with four designs to make.

All my gear laid out for my cupcake bake-a-thonIMG_6234

Six dozen later we had blue velvet, chocolate, vanilla and lemon cupcakes. IMG_6236 IMG_6237 IMG_6238

The first batch to be decorated were the lemon cupcakes.  These were going to be made to look like Smurfy mushroom houses.  Red buttercream icing with white spots.  I was so happy the red shade come out this perfect vibrant shade.  I was worried because initially it was almost a neon pink.  It did take a many drops of gel icing colour and allowing it to sit overnight to get this shade.  IMG_6243

For the white spots, I melted some Lindt white chocolate and made little chips.


Mushroom cupcakes!IMG_6244 IMG_6245

Next up, chocolate cupcake decorated with green grass  buttercream icing. IMG_6247 IMG_6248

IMG_6249 IMG_6251

Next batch, Smurfy blue velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing Smurf hats.  How perfect was this shade of blue?!IMG_6253 IMG_6254

Last but not least, my vanilla flavoured purple flower cupcake. The prettiest of the bunch I think.  I love looking at this one the most.

IMG_6255 IMG_6256 IMG_6258 IMG_6259

My friend had the food table all set up with cupcake stands.  We put out the cupcakes alongside the Smurf Mushroom house cake that she made.  She did a terrific job making this smash cake for her daughter.  Look at the little Smurfs sitting beside the house!IMG_6271 IMG_6270 IMG_6269 IMG_6268 IMG_6267 IMG_6263

Happy 1st Birthday Baby M! Hope you had as much fun as I had making these delightful cupcakes for you. =)

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