Pie Class – Strawberry Rhubarb & Cherry Cheesecake

So begins another session of classes. This time it’s PIES!

I am so very excited to be in this class. From my first one, I am under impression that pies are a lot of work, or perhaps it is because we are baking two different recipes each class. In any case, I am happy to be learning such staple pies as strawberry rhubarb.

Per the norm, ingredients everywhere!




Pie dough, softening up. IMG_6342

Rolling out the dough. I am very proud, I am getting better at rolling out dough in a circular shape.IMG_6344

The pie filling is made up of rhubarb, strawberry & apple. We cooked down the apples, blanched the rhubarb to make it soft and added the strawberries.IMG_6345

The streusel topping is made up of bread flour, butter, brown sugar, pecans and oatmeal.IMG_6346

Fresh from the oven, piping hot and still bubbling.



The second pie was a cherry cheesecake pie, also with a streusel topping.IMG_6347 IMG_6348

Pie is always great with ice cream or in this case some vanilla frozen yogurt.IMG_6352


Pie for supper. =)

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