2013 Gourmet Food & Wine Show

The Toronto Metro Convention Centre was full of excitement.  People dressed up for a fun night of food and drink.  The energy was high, the food was tasty and the drinks were buzz worthy.


Tickets ready to be spent. IMG_6302

I literally let out an audible gasp when I reached the top of the escalator and saw the Frankie Fettuccine food truck.  Of course, I ordered the gnocchi poutine.  I wish this truck opened up in Toronto more frequently.



The drink samples flowed…IMG_6304

This was a maple beer and a green apple beer.  The green apple beer won for its freshness, lightness and crispness.


Fuzion Organico Malbec/Cabernet.  One I usually have in my home and enjoy.  I was happy to see it being sampled here this night.



Ogier Cotes du Ventoux Rose.  Light, a little acidic but fruity.  Would probably taste really nice with a grilled fish dinner.


Urban Uco Malbec Tempranillo.  The Tempranillo grape is a Spanish black grape.   Hints of red fruits, coffee and chocolate.  A wonderfully smooth finish, low acidity.  This Malbec mix is a new one for my fave list.


Looking for a fruity tart wine?  This Cranberry Blueberry wine by Muskoka Lakes Winery makes me think of juice, but with a kick.


Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea.  This would be perfect sitting on the dock at the cottage on a hot day.  A perfect summertime drink.



The overall winner of the night and on the shopping list is this Moscato by Banrock Station.  On the non red wine list, Moscato is fast becoming my go to when I want to drink a wine other than a Malbec.  This is on the sweet side, which is probably why I enjoy it so much.  A few tickets were spent on this throughout the night.  Delicious!


It wasn’t all about drinking.  Some snacks were eaten, like this prosciutto slider.IMG_6332

And this delectable chicken paella by El Paella.  I had to wait about 15 minutes while they made up a new batch in their custom-made giant paella pan.  But the wait was worth it and I was entertained with their impromptu dance session and friendly personalities.   IMG_6322




Until next year! =)

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