Pie Class – Quiche, quick.

No lie, today’s class held zero excitement for me. Quiche and a Boston Cream Pake. Yes, I wrote pake. More about that after.

Quiche is something I’m no stranger to. I can’t recall the last time I made the pie shell from scratch, but in the grand scheme of things, a quiche is a quiche is a quiche.

So, no hot water in the culinary building today. This is us boiling water to fill up our sinks with. It was hot in here today.


Here’s my quiche.



A rich egg and cream filling paired with spinach, bacon and goat cheese. Flakey pie crust.

Now, let’s talk Boston cream pake. A pake is a pie cake, pake. This pie involved sponge cake and pastry cream, in a pie plate but no pie shell and a lot of work. Sometimes, one just needs to walk away from extra work, especially on a sunny Saturday.

I didn’t make a pake. My friend and I decided that instead of spending two hours making something we had no desire to make or eat, we would each take these two hours and so something more fulfilling and fun. I went home, enjoyed being out in the daylight on a Saturday afternoon and went shopping. It was a wonderful afternoon. =)


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