A Bacon Kind of Day

Have I mentioned that I am a marketer’s dream?  The other day someone sat beside me drinking a coffee from Tim Horton’s.  I immediately needed to have one too and bee-lined to the closest Timmy’s beside my work to get one, only to realize, that it only tasted meh and I could have done without the excess sugar and caffeine.

I received my latest issue of Food Network magazine.  This  month’s issue…BACON.  What did I do?  Bee-line to the grocery store to buy some bacon. What was the outcome of this bacon?

Breakfast started with bacon, cheese and egg cups.  Four ramekins lined with bacon, a little cheese and an egg.  Baked for about half an hour.  The best things about breakfast all in one piece. IMG_7067







For lunch, a bacon, apple wrapped pork loin with apple butter.  First I took a pork loin, sprinkled with salt and pepper.  I cut a groove down the middle and spread some apple butter on the pork loin.  IMG_7068


I sliced some apples and laid them across the pork loin. IMG_7070

Now time to wrap this present with some bacon.  Secured with some toothpicks to keep the bacon in place. IMG_7072

I baked the pork loin for about 40 minutes. IMG_7084



Deliciously moist with a terrific salty sweet contrast between the bacon and the apple.  A side of some grilled asparagus.  Lunch is done. IMG_7092


The day is not complete without some dessert.  Oh yes, my dessert included bacon.  Maple Bacon Crunch ice cream from Ed’s Real Scoop…the best ice cream in town!! IMG_7094

Everything is good with BACON!! =)


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