Fudgey Chocolate Cake Pops

While out shopping with a friend a couple of weeks ago, I impulsively purchased one of these: IMG_7120

This would be a cake pop pan.  I’m a sucker and perhaps this will be a novelty pan that sits in the dark recesses of my cupboards, rarely to ever feel the searing heat of the oven.  But, I have to be able to say I used it at least once.  So here is me using this pan at least once.

Those who know me and care for me the best, know what March 3rd is.  I don’t need to explain it.  But in honour of March 3rd, I made use of my cake pop pan and made these: IMG_7247






Milk chocolate and dark chocolate fudgey cake pops draped in milk chocolate and nuts and drizzled with some yellow chocolate couverture.  Pure experimentation.  They taste pretty yummy and I like the rustic chocolate designs that have no rhyme or reason.  All bagged and tagged ready to be shared with people this week.  =)


“I had a vision I could turn you right. A stupid mission and a lethal fight. I should have seen it when my hope was new. My heart is black and my body is blue.
And I’m losing my favourite game,  you’re losing your mind again.  I’m losing my favourite game.  I’ve tried but you’re still the same. I’m losing my baby. You’re losing a saviour and a saint” ~ The Cardigans – My Favourite Game

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