Chicken Quinoa Lentil Burgers

In the Air – Coldplay vs. Booka Shade – Essential Midnight


Sunday cooking, making lunch for the upcoming day.  Always enjoyable.  I had some ground chicken that I wanted to use, but what to make?

Perusing my cupboards, I decided to make chicken burgers with quinoa and lentils.  To start, I cook the quinoa and lentils.  Together in one pot, they take the same time to be ready.  A little beef bouillon in the water to flavour. photo 1-39

photo 2-39

I wait until the quinoa lentil mixture is cool before adding it to the lean ground chicken along with some garlic salt and pepper, oregano, ground red pepper. photo 3-35


Now to get down and dirty.  Hands in, mix it up and form some burgers. IMG_7308


The burgers are then baked for about an hour or until the meat is cooked thoroughly – 75 Degrees Celsius.





Super flavourful, super filling and paired with some veggies, makes a yummy lunch =)

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