Mish Mash Trail Mix

Trail mix was invented, according to legend, in 1968 by Hadley Food Orchards to be eaten while hiking or doing another strenuous activity. It’s lightweight, portable, and full of energy-dense ingredients like dried fruit, nuts, and chocolate — perfect for trailside noshing.  For those of us not taking a hike, trail mix is also good when you’re feeling snackish in the middle of the afternoon.

It’s super easy to make your own trail mix.  It’s all about what you like to snack on.  Choose some nuts, some seeds, some dried fruit.  Add something chocolatey sweet or maybe some cereal and that’s trail mix.

I will admit, I think I went a little overboard making this mix, but I like snacking.  I also like crunchy food with some sweetness.  Everything I grabbed for this I enjoy immensely.


In my container I threw in:

dried apricots

dried apples

banana chips

dried blueberries

sweet potato chips


pumpkin seeds


chocolate chips

cranberry oatmeal

plantain chips

peanut butter chips

almonds & cashews

Give it mix in the container. IMG_7561

A giant batch of personalized trail mix is born.IMG_7562

Now, this concoction can pack a huge caloric punch and sometimes you don’t realize how much of it you’re eating because it is so quick and easy to snack on it.  Try to limit a portion to about a 1/4 cup to avoid overindulging.

What would be in your personalized mish mash trail mix?  =)


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