Gluten Free Baking Class – Cakes!

It was a beautiful Sunday.  The sun decided to come out of hiding. IMG_7746

I was up and out of the house early leaving me tons of stress free time to scale out and have most things ready for me and my bake class Peep Stef.


On the menu today: carrot cake and pineapple upside down cake, both gluten-free.  The ingredients we were working with included sugar, eggs, rice flour, potato starch, tapioca starch, xanthan gum, carrots, walnuts, brown sugar and pineapples.

Here is the carrot cake batter all ready for the oven. IMG_7753

Fresh from the oven and into the blast chiller. IMG_7761

Bring out the cake turners.IMG_7763

Cake sliced in half perfectly.  Getting ready to ice the carrot cake with what else? Cream cheese icing. IMG_7769

Roughly iced.  I had intentions of finishing it off at home to make it look a little less “rustic”  but it ended up over at my parent’s neighbours house before I even took it out of the box.  Hope he enjoyed it!


The pineapple upside down is one of my mom’s favourites.  I definitely knew this cake was not coming home with me.

First down is the butter and brown sugar glaze and the pineapple slices.  Some maraschino cherries for colour.


Cake batter on top. IMG_7757

Freshly baked and quickly turned over.


Voila! Classic.


Super smooth and soft texture.  Even with all the sugar glaze we used, it was not overwhelmingly sweet.


I was not able to try the carrot cake, but at least I was able to grab a couple of slices of the pineapple cake.  I loved the soft texture of this cake.  It was almost like a cheesecake but not one ounce of cheese was used here.  I still don’t believe it was gluten-free.  Fantastic. =)

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