Yellow and Silver Present Cake

Baking Tune – “Am I Wrong” – Nico & Vinz

I had the thrill of being asked by a Peep at work if I would bake a surprise birthday cake for his wife.  The request – a gluten-free banana cake.  Trying to gain some insight into his wife’s personality I asked if she had any favourite colours.  He explained she had an affinity for yellow and silver which happened to also be their wedding colours.  He brought up the idea of having the cake look like a present.  I got down to sketching out something and this was the result (yes, I know I can’t draw):


Time to get to work.

Two gluten-free cake slabs.  A layer of dark chocolate ganache in between.  Chocolate ganache is made by simply heating a heavy cream until it starts to boil slightly.  Once it is heated, pour over your chocolate and let sit for a few minutes, then whisk to mix.  share

With my layers set, it was icing time.  For the icing, I made a whipped white chocolate ganache.  A ratio of 1 part cream to 1 part chocolate will make a fantastic consistency for frosting.   For a thicker consistency, better for piping, increase your chocolate vs. cream ratio.

A quick crumb coat to fill in the empty spots and make a smoother surface for icing. I coloured some of the white chocolate with yellow which I then piped along the edges.  Silver sugar balls for the bling. share-1

The bow was a textured fondant that I painted with Wilton pearl dust in yellow and silver.  I cut the fondant and shaped them to be assembled later into a bow shape…of sorts.  I’ll be the first to say fondant is not my thing, nor am I trying to make it my thing, but sometimes, I have to give in.

The final result:


I was so anxious to see my work Peep’s face when I unveiled the cake.  He looked so happy when I showed him and I could tell he was excited for his wife’s party that night and to show her.

Happy Birthday! =)


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