Bread & Honey Festival – Streetsville

The beginning of June brought us the Streetsville Bread and Honey Festival

This delightful gathering has been entertaining families every year since 1973.  Its origins stem from local commerce.  Each year, the local mill provided bread while the local apiary supplied the butter.  Today there are still two well-known mills in the area – Kraft Canada and ADM Milling Ltd.   As the years passed, the festival grew as more local organizations began to take part and soon the event turned into a weekend long event for the community.  There were vendors, games and rides for kids, live music, food, drink and of course tons of bread and honey.

The day was hot, sunny and perfect.  Streetsville Memorial Park was transformed into a one enclosed active fun land.  Kids ran around and played.  Families strolled with their babies, teenagers hanging out with their friends and everyone else in the beer tent listening to the live band putting their spin on all today’s hits!


First stop – The free bread and honey tent.  Soft bread provided by Panera and honey provided by Honey Brothers.  Time was taken to peruse the vendor stalls and grab something from Beavertails.  It was nice to throw down a blanket on the grass and relax in the shade for a bit.  IMG_8153_fotor

Before leaving to grab another bite to eat elsewhere, a stop was made at Kate’s Town Talk Bakery for some tasty tarts.  Butter pecan tarts.  I loved the crispy flaky thin crust on these tarts.  A fantastic sweet treat!

Can one ever have too much bread and honey?  =)


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