Jack n’ Jill Cupcake Cakes

I always get excited when I am approached to do a baking job for someone.  I love to hear what their request is and the wheels in my head turn as I debate with myself about whether or not I can do it.  In the end, it is always a pleasant surprise.

This week’s request was for cupcake cakes for a Jack and Jill party.  For those of you not sure what a Jack and Jill party is, they also go by the name of Stag and Doe party or Hen and Stag Party and is a type of wedding social event generally arranged by the bridal party to help fundraise for the upcoming wedding by charging entrance, running raffles, auctions and games.

The specific request was to re-create 2 cupcake cakes that were seen in the past, one in the shape of a tux and the other a wedding gown.  Done.

The cupcakes were simple, just vanilla and chocolate.  The icing was buttercream (always) and flavoured chocolate (the black buttercream) and vanilla (white buttercream)

Over all, there were close to 90 cupcakes here.


To make black icing, I add cocoa to my buttercream and then add Wilton black icing colour. The longer it sits, the darker it gets. Wilton 2D tip to pipe the buttercream.


Little fondant bow tie.


 Here’s Jill!


Here’s Jack!


The feedback was positive.  A few tears from the Bride who had mentioned this cake idea to her bridesmaids a while back.  They remembered and thought it a good idea to have these made as a surprise.  What a sweet idea!  =)


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