Bier Markt Brunches

Did anyone know that Bier Markt served brunch?  Well, they do.  I had no idea and was pleasantly surprised at what was on the menu.

Since discovering brunch at the Bier Markt, I have graced their tables twice now.  I’m all  about brunch!

Round One, ordered the Benedict schnitzel – two poached eggs, panko-crusted chicken cutlet, English Ale muffin, lingonberry hollandaise paired with an orange biersicle – Erdinger Weissebier, Galliano, blood orange soda or adult orange as I like to call it.

IMG_8557 IMG_8556 IMG_8558

What I loved most about the food was the perfectly made schnitzel.  It was so nicely breaded and fried, not greasy.  The lingonberry hollandaise was creamy and I really enjoyed the sweetness of the berries.  When I finished eating, I was already craving it again.

It was this craving that made me decide to go back for another brunch.  But then, I went over the menu again and the brioche french toast which comes with two sunny side up eggs, apple sage sausage, warm maple syrup, preserved fruit compote.  For a drink, I went with the swedish mojito – Somersby Apple Cider, strawberry coulis, fresh mint and Swedish berries. IMG_8654 IMG_8653

The french toast tasted great.  A hint of cinnamon and sweetness in the egg batter.  The sage apple sausage paired up nicely with the lingonberry fruit compote.  I won’t lie, I secretly hoped it would taste like the apple sausages I had discovered in Mesa, Arizona.

Sadly, not close at all, but still delicious.  The swedish mojito was dangerous, tasted like juice and the alcoholic kick was well hidden.  A great summer patio drink.

If I had to pick between the two meals, I would go with the schnitzel.  Something about all the flavours and textures makes me keep wanting more.

Until the next brunch! =)


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