Operation Bruno Mars

When tickets to see Bruno Mars in Toronto went on sale months ago, I was fully convinced I would be able to get them easily.  Yeah…I was deceived.  Then, when they announced a 2nd show, I tried again and was left disappointed.  That’s when Operation Bruno Mars went into effect.  The goal – get tickets to see him on either date in Toronto, any seat possible.  We searched online but found the tickets outrageously priced.  We checked Ticketmaster periodically in hopes newly released tickets would appear.  Nothing. It had basically come down to the idea that we may have to go the route of buying tickets from a scalper.

The day had arrived and the question loomed – Would we be seeing Bruno Mars live this fine summer weekend?  A chat with a scalper was unnecessary.  The friendly lady in the box office let us know when we asked, that a block of tickets had been released and we had our pick.  Amazing seats and fittingly row 8, seat 8 for me.  My fave number.  A grin from ear to ear on my face.  Excited.


Some pre-show eats at Miller Tavern


For me a girly glass of Strongbow to go with my Miller Burger – Canadian Prime Beef Chuck, smoked gouda, bacon, caramelized onions.  Did someone say gouda, bacon and caramelized onions?  Sold.

IMG_8628 IMG_8622 IMG_8623

Tummy’s full, it was time to dance off the food and boy, did we dance..and sing..and dance some more.  Opening act Nico and Vinz were pretty awesome too!


 Such a fantastic entertainer.  I was hoarse from singing and yelling.  This show definitely moved up into my top 5 five.  =)


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