UFC Cake Styles

Another cake order.  A couple of work Peeps looking for a birthday cake for a mutual friend of theirs.  A surprise cake for the birthday guy in the a theme of UFC.

The only request, UFC in red letters on top and the wording “Thring vs. 43” in honour of the celebrant.

I pondered and having watched UFC fights in the past, knew that an octagon shape had to make its way in the design.  As well, I would be making use of some fondant on this cake.  Something I normally did not work with.

Not having an octagon shaped pan, I had to work with what I had at my disposal.  I baked a rectangular shaped cake and using a ruler and some parchment paper, created a template to be used to help create the octagon shape.



So as you can see I went with chocolate.  There was some debate with those who ordered this cake about what a “manly” cake would be.  Chocolate won out.  The octagon layer was placed on top of a round layer cake with vanilla buttercream in the middle.  The entire cake was cloaked in black and grey chocolate buttercream.  I piped some “netting” along the side of the cake.

The top was black fondant with UFC in red fondant along with the birthday celebrant’s name in writing announcing the “fight” at hand.

IMG_8607 IMG_8609

I enjoyed making this cake.  Something out of the ordinary for me and I was happy to have had the experience in making it.

And it looks like they enjoyed eating it! =)



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