Monsters & Spiders

Halloween brings with it a chance to flex my cake decorating abilities and try something new.   Two cakes for the Halloween office party.  Quite the endeavour, but they turned out well.

Monster Cake


Red velvet cake with orange buttercream.  Brownie cake pop eyeballs.  A whimsical cake that warrants a giggle when looking at it.

The second cake was less whimsical and more creepy.  For those with a spider fear, you may want to skip this one.  It could cause a case of the creepy crawlies…

Fondant spiders. This one underneath was my favourite one!


Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.  Spider webs made from melted marshmallows

IMG_9713 IMG_9715 IMG_9717 IMG_9721 IMG_9723 IMG_9732

Hope you all had a fun and scary Halloween!!



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